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HamController GUI versions
All files are packed in a deployment package.  Just download the EXE-file, and double click it to install on your PC.
The Manual (PDF-file) can be read from the Help menu.
DTMF access code updated with digits "A, B, C, D" for second digit.

HamControllerC  Updated 28.07.2022
GUI (V7.4.6)  SetupHamControllerC.exe

HamControllerMK3  Updated 28.07.2022
GUI (V7.3.3)  SetupHamControllerMK3.exe

HamControllerMK2  Updated 28.07.2022
GUI (V7.3.1) SetupHamControllerMK2.exe

HamController64  Updated 28.07.2022
GUI USB (V6.1.4)   HamController64_USB
GUI RS232 (V4.8)   HamController64_RS232

HamController32_RS232  Updated 13.04.2006
GUI HamController32 RS232 (V3.2)   ZIP

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