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The Repeater Controller is developed to be used in amateur radio repeaters.  The Controller is available as a PCB with all parts soldered (no kit), or with enclosure.
You can select 3 ways of accessing the repeater or a combination of these, which are 1750 Hz tone (EU), CTCSS and DTMF.
A GUI (Graphical User Interface) application is developed for changing of parameters and upload of firmware and speech messages.  Speech messages can also be changed using a radio.
A 5-digit DTMF code used by the repeater keeper will set the controller in sysop mode, and the keeper can change most repeater parameters using DTMF.
If you like to make a link to another repeater, a link radio operating on a different band can be connected.  If the repeater keeper want to have a secret frequency where he is doing sysop tasks, a command RX can be connected.
By using two radioes, a X-band repeater can be build, and this will function as a normal repeater operating on two different bands.


  • DTMF decoder

  • CTCSS encoder/decoder

  • 1750 Hz access tone

  • Temperature sensor

  • 8Mbit FLASH Speech synthesizer

  • 2 voice message banks, Call and Beacon

  • USB port for PC connection

  • All AF level adjustments made from GUI

  • 12.5 or 25 kHz AF channel filter

  • Squelch level (high/low) selection in GUI

  • 4 LEDs

  • RJ45 connectors for radio connections

  • Connection of 1 or 2 link radioes

  • Connection of a command RX on link 2 port

  • X-band repeater mode

  • Sysop mode for parameter changes

  • PC Windows GUI for parameter changes

  For further information, please read the HamControllerC

When you have received the controller, you must download the GUI to edit callsign and other settings you want to change.

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