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The Repeater Controller is developed to be used in amateur radio repeaters.  The Controller is available as a PCB with all parts soldered (no kit), or with enclosure.
You can select 3 ways of accessing the repeater or a combination of these, which are 1750 Hz tone (EU), CTCSS and DTMF.
A GUI (Graphical User Interface) application is developed for changing of parameters and upload of firmware and speech messages.  Speech messages can also be changed using a radio.
A 5-digit DTMF code used by the repeater keeper will set the controller in sysop mode, and the keeper can change most repeater parameters using DTMF.
If you like to make a link to another repeater, a link radio operating on a different band can be connected.  If the repeater keeper want to have a secret frequency where he is doing sysop tasks, a command RX can be connected.
By using two radioes, a X-band repeater can be build, and this will function as a normal repeater operating on two different bands.


  • DTMF decoder

  • CTCSS encoder/decoder

  • 1750 Hz access tone

  • Temperature sensor

  • 8Mbit FLASH Speech synthesizer

  • 2 voice message banks, Call and Beacon

  • USB port for PC connection

  • All AF level adjustments made from GUI

  • 12.5 or 25 kHz AF channel filter

  • Squelch level (high/low) selection in GUI

  • 4 LEDs

  • RJ45 connectors for radio connections

  • Connection of 1 or 2 link radioes

  • Connection of a command RX on link 2 port

  • X-band repeater mode

  • Sysop mode for parameter changes

  • PC Windows GUI for parameter changes

  For further information, please read the HamControllerC

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